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Episode 010: All the Things She Said SHOW NOTES

Tagline: You don’t have to feed a half-dead cat.

Hey, we’re getting a little better, right? Only a couple of weeks between posting of episode and show notes… and you’ll be glad to hear that we have already recorded Episode 11 and are nearing a release. Maybe even with timely show notes! And we’ll probably record ANOTHER new episode a few days after that! Amazing!

Anyway, on to the show notes for Episode 10…

Topics discussed: Bad science and crackpot theories abound! We click the Dislike button on Facebook and its research, weather a hurricane of bad statistics, and teach you how to see in the dark through the miracle of brain damage! Plus, what other podcast gives you coverage of both Jennifer Aniston AND 13-year-old Ukrainian boys?

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Facebook emotion manipulation study
– actual academic article:
– the Nuremberg code:
– and its successor, the Declaration of Helsinki:
– xkcd comic “Research Ethics”:
– turns out no one ever wrote a check on a cow, but the principle is sound — it even fooled the Straight Dope for a while:
– by the way, in regard to MJ’s awful pun — cow tipping is fake too:
– Tuskegee syphilis experiment:
– after we discussed this, OkCupid did a blog post about their experimentation on humans:
– study on the spread of happiness from the Framingham Heart Study:
– – and also depression:
– – the study itself:
– the comedy stylings of Yakov Smirnoff:
– Armenian Radio / Radio Yerevan jokes:
– – a bit more:
– – and yet more:
– Reddit Latvia jokes:
– – and a few more:

Nature News blog on crazy caterpillar hypothesis:
– the actual paper in question:

Male vs female hurricane names:
– actual academic article:
– history of hurricane naming:
– the book “Nudge” MK mentioned (link to Amazon):
– Richard Dawkins website takedown of the study:
– Tucker and Dale versus Evil (Amazon link to stream/buy):
– Jeremy Freese takedown in 16 points:

Computer passing the Turing test?
– one example of pop news coverage:
– Turing test definition:
– Ray Kurzweil dialogue with the chatbot:
– a bit on ELIZA:
– one implementation of ELIZA if you want to talk to her:
– Kevin Warwick and his various ridiculous claims:

Pod-person politics and other delusions:
– Politician claims his opponent was replaced by robot duplicate:
– Obama’s alien shape-shifter in the Secret Service:
– and maybe Obama himself is a lizard king?
– Capgras delusion:
– Anton-Babinski syndrome:–Babinski_syndrome
– Capgras syndrome review MK read from (link to academic article abstract):
– Three Christs of Ypsilanti book (link to Amazon):
– the V.S. Ramachandran book briefly mentioned with some crazy stories of confabulating patients (link to Amazon):
– Blindsight:

Jennifer Aniston cells (link to academic article):
– the idea of a “Grandmother cell”:
– Koch/Crick: “What is the function of the claustrum?” (link to academic article):
– Jim Watson’s various controversial remarks:
– Rosalind Franklin got the shaft with regard to DNA structure discovery credit:
– consciousness on/off switch in claustrum?
– – the actual academic article (research not actually conducted by the Koch group, as we may have erroneously suggested):
– John Searle’s “Chinese room” thought experiment:

(Community picked up by Yahoo!, for anyone who didn’t get the news:

The cold dwarf star alluded to in the outtakes but never gotten around to discussing:

OK, maybe hot beverages can cool you down… with some caveats:

Wikipedia’s Manhattan recipe vindicates MJ:

Apparently there have been some efforts to market sweet alcohol to men, at least in Australia/the UK (nod to Ian Stephen for links):



Episode 010: All the Things She Said

As is becoming our pattern of late, we’re releasing the latest episode without posting the show notes yet to get it out to you quicker — show notes for this episode hopefully coming soon!

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