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Episode 009: The Major Axis of the Dog SHOW NOTES

Alternate summary text: Matt Krause’s browser history gives new meaning to the term “streaming video”

Sorry once again for the delay, folks! Things CONTINUE to crazy here in SSHHMM-land! But here are your show notes for Episode 009. Rest assured that Episode 010 has already been recorded and we’ll be working on editing/releasing that just as soon as these notes are posted!

(You may notice that the above paragraph is almost identical to the belated-show-notes update from the previous episode. Which is because the circumstances are nearly identical. But we will be releasing Episode 010 in a much more timely fashion [hopefully], as we already have plans for recording Episode 011…)

Topics discussed: Cleopatra and woolly mammoths; a grand u(ri)nified theory; bloody salty sharks and potty-mouthed turtles; the magnetic declination of canine defecation; and a wetness down under leads us to contemplate whether Les Cousins Dangereux is obscene. Clearly, our classiest episode yet!

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Reddit — historical things that were at the same time
– president that sent 1 email (it was Bill Clinton, and it was actually 2 emails):

Urination law
– Nat Geo article:
– paper/movie on arxiv:
– do fish pee and/or excrete through their gills?
– –
– –
– – semi-related: whale bladder cancer article:
– – fun fact: whales’ bladders are somewhat smaller than might be expected, around 5-6 gallons for larger whales (
– shark blood salinity:
– –
– – academic review article (PDF):
– – more info:
– turtles peeing through mouths:

Dogs pooping in line with magnetic fields
– actual paper (PDF):
– pop coverage 1:
– pop coverage… #2:
– German studies of magnetoception in European robins (by Wolfgang Wiltschko):
– – original studies were published in German, but here’s a later one:
– – also summarized here:
– Magnetic field strengths
– – junkyard magnet: 1-2 Tesla (see and FSU link below)
– – research/hospital MRI: 1.5-3 Tesla
– – world record (as of 2011): 97.4 Tesla (
– Wikipedia magnetoception:
– caged wisdom:
– cows lining up while grazing, from the same research group:
– –
– – actual academic paper:
– Andrew Gelman post:

– the drug Sugammadex:
– a bit on how Febreze works:
– more of the Febreze story (starts mid-page):
– cyclodextrins in general:

How many oceans does the Earth have?

UK vs Europe:
– tectonically, they’re on the same plate (although so is most of Asia):

New islands:
– Wikipedia has a bit on definitions:
– the proposed Krause/Johnson island definition standard:
– the “Far Side” Island on TV Tropes (WARNING: likely wastage of life minutes if you click):

Supreme Court pornography/obscenity ruling:

– effectiveness study (by them):
S*** Duolingo says subreddit (NSFW URL, FYI)

Are you there God? It’s me again, Margaret’s_Me,_Margaret.
– Amazon link:
– “It’s Me Again, Margaret” video:

Just in case you haven’t seen The Princess Bride:
– stream it:
– buy on disc:
– the book is good too: