Quick note: Episode 006 show notes (slightly) updated!

I know, I know, promises, promises… but eventually, we kept our word. It’s been months since Episode 006 (“Circling Uranus”) and its corresponding show notes were released, but the one of us who puts these up here had to get on a plane and fly all the way to the other side of the world as he was finishing up the notes, and a couple of links/pictures didn’t quite make it before boarding time.

Anyway, they are there now. I’m almost sure nobody will read this or care, but I just had to close that thread — I have had an email sitting in my Inbox for months with those last few things to attach. So, anyway, if you share BOTH my tendency for obsessive completism AND my procrastination skills, feel free to check out the updated show notes and enjoy them in all the glory of their (hopefully) final form.


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