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Quick note: Episode 006 show notes (slightly) updated!

I know, I know, promises, promises… but eventually, we kept our word. It’s been months since Episode 006 (“Circling Uranus”) and its corresponding show notes were released, but the one of us who puts these up here had to get on a plane and fly all the way to the other side of the world as he was finishing up the notes, and a couple of links/pictures didn’t quite make it before boarding time.

Anyway, they are there now. I’m almost sure nobody will read this or care, but I just had to close that thread — I have had an email sitting in my Inbox for months with those last few things to attach. So, anyway, if you share BOTH my tendency for obsessive completism AND my procrastination skills, feel free to check out the updated show notes and enjoy them in all the glory of their (hopefully) final form.


Episode 008: An Insect With Punch-Card Wings SHOW NOTES

Alternate title: Secondhand Lions[‘ Urine]

Sorry again for the delay, folks! Things are crazy here in SSHHMM-land! But here are your show notes for Episode 008. Rest assured that Episode 009 has already been recorded and we’ll be working on editing/releasing that just as soon as these notes are posted!

Topics discussed: Crazy cat ladies (or gentlemen); freaky parasites; spiders and elephants on drugs; the steampunk animal kingdom; pub(l)ic demonstrations of erectile dysfunction remedies and other self-experimentation goodness; and how to cut out the middleman by brewing beer right in your own… stomach. With special guest star ANDY BELLEMER!!!

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Social media links once again!
– we are @sshapho on Twitter:
– here is our YouTube channel:
– and our Facebook page:
SMBC turtle cloaca comic:
– causing a higher rate of traffic accidents in Turkey (link to academic article abstract):
– Eisen PLoS ONE paper:
– Leg Up Enterprises:
– crazy cat lady syndrome:
Breaking Good / Mythbusters
– synthesizing Sudafed from meth: (note that this is from the Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry, and appears to be the ONLY “paper” ever “published” in the “Journal” of Apocryphal Chemistry)
– BoingBoing beat us to the “Breaking Good” name:
– Mythbusters special on Breaking Bad:
The wasp that turns spiders into zombie construction workers:
– an academic article on the topic from 2001:
– spiders on LSD, caffeine, etc.:
– not discussed directly on the show, but jewel wasps also zombify cockroaches: (just search YouTube for “jewel wasp cockroach” for even more horrifying videos)
The sad tale of Tusko:
– academic article:
– one summary:
– Tusko was apparently the name of several notable elephants; the Wikipedia article contains links to more articles on the Tusko we talked about, if you want more info:
– pon farr:
Gear bug
– popular summary article:
– Science article (academic paper):
– steampunk Batman
– – Gotham by Gaslight:
– – one example of cosplay; just do a Google Image Search for “steampunk Batman cosplay” for lots more:
– why don’t animals have wheels?
– –
– –
– –
Tiger moths jamming radar:
– similar thing in hawkmoths (whose tongues we inadvertently discussed in Episode 007)… plus, genitals!:
Beer gut, literally:
– the academic article:
– popular news coverage:
– UAE blood alcohol concentration study (link to academic article abstract):
– a couple of discussions on the pH of the stomach:
– –
– –
The badass story behind heliobacter pylori and stomach ulcers:
– Note: the hosts would like to admit our shame at this point that we discussed two Australians named Robin and Barry and did not think to make a Bee Gees joke at the time. We regret the omission and it won’t happen again.
Giles Brindley, showing off his “findings”
Seawater and ulcers
– one popular press article:
– academic paper:
– salinity by depth:
– halocline:
– salt fingering:
How is babby formed? (links to videos in article)
– Colombian paper on vascular action:
– neuroimaging paper on brain responses:
– according to Wikipedia, lighter roasts do have more caffeine but not by much; other factors may matter more:
Michael Eisen and NASA papers
– his blog post:
– background info on Aaron Swartz:
– papers with lots of authors — the human genome paper had a lot with around 2900 authors, but the Higgs Boson paper may have the record:
– BONUS: “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors” by Moxy Früvous: (totally unrelated except for the title, but a great song by a great 90s band)
Beaver anal glands
– the news article:
– more on the substance:
– and a bit more on Wikipedia: