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Episode 001: Molestache of Flesh

Topics discussed: Crappy first episodes, journey through the center of the earth, antimatter and gravity, statues, videos made with atoms, and how we don’t know nearly as much about microscopes (and most other things) as we’d like to.

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First Garfield strip:
Lyman: (the moustache looked much creepier when the strip wasn’t in color)
Jon and Lyman eat Garfield:
Antipode map:
Jumping through the center of the Earth:
– Also:
What heats the Earth’s core:
Does antimatter have anti-gravity?
– in Nature Communications:
The God Particle (link to Kindle edition on Amazon; looks like the print version is not readily available):
The Superconducting Super Collider (RIP):
The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (da!):
The Standard Model:
Marion Barry:
– also, who knew there was an actual berry called the Marionberry?
Mayor Jerry Springer:
1972 US Presidential election:,_1972#Results_by_state
1984 US Presidential election:,_1984#Results_by_state
Vikings stealing beautiful women:
– more discussion:
Waist to hip ratio:
Painted Greek statues:
Ivy League toe-rubbing:
– and:
– and:
Wearing an onion on your belt (low quality):
A Boy and His Atom:
– the making-of we didn’t bother to watch:
– the other related video we mentioned:
Electron microscopes:
– scanning tunneling microscopes: